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Hi I'm hoping to get to 1000 points to get some adopts if you can spare some points you will get this in return:

24 hour feature:

3 day feature:

1 week feature:

2 week feature:

2 month feature:


3 month feature:

6 month feature:

1 year feature:

What If?...Captain Rukia Kuchiki by CourtneyLuv7 Dark Elsa by CourtneyLuv7 Bleach - Next Generation Gotei 13 Wallpaper by CourtneyLuv7 Eagle by CourtneyLuv7 What If?...Captain Ichigo Kurosaki by CourtneyLuv7 What If?...Captain Toshiro Hitsugaya by CourtneyLuv7…

Tartaruga #2 by GiovanGMazzella Maiori #22 by GiovanGMazzella Slovenian 3 Euro by GiovanGMazzella A sweet smile by GiovanGMazzella Statue of King Victor Emanuel II of Italy by GiovanGMazzella Pizza by GiovanGMazzella


Emma - Red Lantern by ShiyaHawk Don't Mess With a Red Lantern by ShiyaHawk Stewart Siblings by ShiyaHawk Bedhead Rex by ShiyaHawk Safe in Her Arms by ShiyaHawk Emma Stewart - Baby by ShiyaHawk

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Pokefiy Aeridusa contest Ends November 14th (Open)Yes folks I'm keeping the contests going year around this one ends on November 14th 2015 and its open for all to participate. If you are participating in one of my other contests your welcome to join this one as well. 
The objective is to draw Aeridusa in to one of the 718 Pokemon that inhabit the pokemon world. Ex. Yvaltal, Dialga, Lugia, Pidgy, Eevee.ect you get the idea. Just remember it can be any one of the 718 Pokemon.
 For those that don't know this is Aeridusa she's my Pokesona lol.
1. Shouldn't have to say it but nothing inappropriate please thank you. 
2. You do not have to be a watcher to participate.
3. All mediums are allowed. Ex. Digital, traditional, Photomanipulation.ect
4. Feel free to have your OC in the picture with the Pokefiyed Aeridusa.
5. This one is obvious but if you have any questions just ask. Feel free to comment down below or note me.
6. I have two other contests going on right now as well so feel free to j
     Aeridusa contest Ends September 21th (Open)This contest will involve Aredusa being in other Universe. Ex. Yugioh, Bleach, One Peace, Sonic the Hedgehog, Lufia, Fire Emblem you get the idea. The universe can be from any anime or video game franchise. 
This is who you will be drawing again:  
1. Obviously once again treat my OC with some respect nothing inappropriate.
2. Feel free to add an OC or a cannon character into your art with Aredusa.  
3. You do not have to be a watcher to participate.
4. All mediums are allowed. Ex. Digital, traditional, Photomanipulation.ect
5. Human versions are allowed for Aredusa also if you want to lets say turn her into a duel monster form for her in the Yugioh world you can do that as well. Ex. Stardust Dragon, Red-Eyes Black Dragon, Dark Magican Girl.ect
6. The rest is up to you my main gold is for you to have fun. I'll also hosting a contest for Aredusa here that's still open until May 14th if you'd like to join that one as well:  
    Aeridusa Contest End Date May 14 (Open)I've decided to do a contest for Aeridusa  my Pokesona fakemon. I'm not looking for any type of them I'm looking for originality.
This is Aeridusa she's my Pokesona:

1. All art types are allowed. Digital, Traditional, Photo Manipulation.ect
2. Obviously treat my OC with some respect nothing inappropriate no sexual or gore themes of any kind. A little blood is ok though just not to much.  
3. You may have your OC in a picture with mine. 
4. I want to see originality from everyone once again. I'm not looking for masterpieces. 
5. You do not have to be a watcher to participate.
6. Have fun.
Prizes and end date
1. The last day for the contest will be on May 14  5/14/15
2. The First place winner will receive 800 points and a journal feature from me featuring there picture of my OC and 10 of there artworks.
3. The Second place winner will receive a Journal feature from me featuring there picture of my OC and 6 of there artworks.
4. The

Aeridusa and Lateon by xxReshiramxx

1. NeusEspelt

Get the fuck out by NeusEspelt   NO HEAVEN ID by NeusEspelt  Rage by NeusEspelt

2. GottaCatchThemAll1

Pokemon MEWTWO Strikes Back Remake SoundtrackThe Soundtrack has been Organized and is composed by Mark Mothersbaugh or TBA
TBA (Many songs and scores)

Jesse McCartney will make a original song "It's All Up to Me" for this movie and soundtrack to play in the End Credits
Ending Credit songs:
"It's All Up to Me" by Jesse McCartney - first song plays during End Credits
"Together Forever" by J. P. Hartmann and POKEMON - second song plays during End Credits
"Spread a Little love" by Havana Brown - third song plays during End Credits
  Chespa by GottaCatchThemAll1   Ash Ketchum (CGI Remake Design) by GottaCatchThemAll1

3. firenight617

Getting ready for Easter. by firenight617  Pokemon Challenge 7 (Most adorable Pokemon) by firenight617   #005 Charmeleon by firenight617

4. bunnipowerz

marcey by bunnipowerz  deceptkid by bunnipowerz  desha by bunnipowerz

5. Shinako-tan

Yugao Character Chart 2015 by Shinako-tan  Link Ocarina Of Time Version Traditional by Shinako-tan  Mavis--Redraw! by Shinako-tan

6. ArtemisRune

AT: Jensen by ArtemisRune  AT: Pecan and Quesadilla by ArtemisRune  Shining Force Hero by ArtemisRune

7. PrincessCarol

   Carol and Nights one shot.Carol felt a little home sick for titans tower. It's not that she wasn't happy in Halloween town, just sometimes she missed hanging out with her friends back in jump city. They would visit when they could but she could still feel lonely.
Having Nights and Pikachu by her side helped a lot, but sometimes she longed for the days when her life was somewhat normal. Part of it was she wasn't used to so much attenuation from the crowds. Being a princess from a hidden world could be a little overwhelming. Her friends from jump city were on a long trip so they didn't have the time to visit that week.
"Will I ever completely be used to all of this?" Carol sighed. "Well you are still adjusting, why don't we go to nightopia to relax for a bit today. I bet that will help you feel better." Nights suggested. Pikachu jumped in excitement about the idea. "Well pikachu seems excited about it so it must be a good idea." Carol replied.
Jack and Sally overheard them talking from the kitchen. "Be sure to be
    The Bite of 87Sometimes I hate thinking about the awful night,and I relive it in my sleep. I replay it in my mind over and over questioning what went wrong. It started out like a routine night at work or so I thought. I never liked to look at those animatronics, the way their eyes looked felt very creepy.
Everything seemed perfect up until this kids birthday party started. I can't recall the exact time, that part of my memory seems fuzzy. They started gathering at the pirate's cove stage. The animatronics seemed a little bit out of character and they stammered a little bit. At first I thought nothing of it. I brushed it off as a simple glitch, but maybe I should of questioned my better judgement.
Then that horrid animatronics known as Foxy took the stage to tell his pirate stories. A girl was dumb enough to get real close to him on stage. I told her to get away from Foxy but she refused to listen. Even the girls mother refused to listen. A shrill scream was heard through out the room and blood gushe
  Gizmo Girl : one shot number 3A girl with short brown hair and purple eyes was sitting on her bed. She looked down at the ground. She tried her hardest to fight back the tears but she couldn't. It was the anniversary of that awful night that she didn't wish to recall.
Most days she didn't think about it, but on the day of the anniversary of those awful events she couldn't put it out of her head at all. She remembered those painful events like it was yesterday. She missed the peaceful sound of her mothers singing voice or the smell of her dad brewing coffee before work.
She missed the sound of metal clanging and clicking as her parents would build stuff in the home lab.
The treasured sounds that she would never hear again since that one night that was all taken away from her.
She continued to cry into her pillow thinking that no one could hear her at all.

8. edampierat

Toxins-Full poster by edampierat  Historical checkers by edampierat  Anime eye #3 by edampierat

9. AarniWalCea

cold by AarniWalCea  salakamu -15 by AarniWalCea  snowy days: sun went down by AarniWalCea

10. jpzilla

Super Flashy Rivals by jpzilla  The Flash by jpzilla  Batman - watercolor set by jpzilla

11. KimberlyGB

Fire by KimberlyGB  Art Trade with EveApplefield by KimberlyGB  Harley Winter Clothing by KimberlyGB

12. Meppikk

13. SarahByronX

Trollself: Nemora Nexnox by SarahByronX  Pokemon:There's No Time! by SarahByronX  Car 1 by SarahByronX

14. Aerith-VII

Todd, the Wraith by Aerith-VII  Neytiri by Aerith-VII  Id by Aerith-VII

15. guillermosilva

Alien Isolation by guillermosilva     Xenomorph by guillermosilva   Alien the 8th passenger by guillermosilva

16. nikoskap

Morpheas by nikoskap    Star birth by nikoskap  Aeriko by nikoskap

17. chaosqueen122

Arke by chaosqueen122  The Lady Dragon by chaosqueen122   Old Art: Isis by chaosqueen122

18. PhoenixBurnz

Athena by PhoenixBurnz  Scathach by PhoenixBurnz   Feringale by PhoenixBurnz

19. DancingDemonArt

Logo by DancingDemonArt  $ell Vs Lord Kronox by DancingDemonArt  Gorgon Vs. Vengador - Screenshot by DancingDemonArt

20. wolfdragonblood

Sky dog adoptable 35 points open by wolfdragonblood  Merman hybrid adoption PT30  (close) by wolfdragonblood  Happy Valentine's Day by wolfdragonblood

21. Theluki986

Zeo Zakeruga - Zeon's true power by Theluki986  Zeon Bell tribute by Theluki986  Zatch Bell by Theluki986

22. pizzajoe15

Its time for the PLAYSTATION 4 by pizzajoe15  Pig Apocalypse by pizzajoe15  Cheese Burger vs MACK outline by pizzajoe15

23. GTS257-CT
MARSHMALLOW - Charmander by GTS257-CT  Pokemon  Generation 1: Kanto Starter First Evolve by GTS257-CT  Let's Sailed!!! by GTS257-CT

24. julian0123

Mega Charizard by julian0123  Gift to CarenNightsong by julian0123  Skecth: Bromista Vs Teleraptor by julian0123

25. AddisonxxPokemon

pokemon by AddisonxxPokemon

26. arkeis-pokemon

  Chris the Zorua by arkeis-pokemon  [Wallpaper] Generation 3 by arkeis-pokemon  Parental Bonds by arkeis-pokemon

27. G-FauxPokemon

Last fakemon of all. Goodbye by G-FauxPokemon  One to rule them all by G-FauxPokemon  dreamin' of gators by G-FauxPokemon

28. FinnishPokemonFan96

Mega Trio by FinnishPokemonFan96  Mudkip by FinnishPokemonFan96  Bubbles by FinnishPokemonFan96

29. NoneNess

Snow Scene by NoneNess  Dragon Tamer Lance by NoneNess  The Eevees by NoneNess

30. NightComet

You're My Star by NightComet  Sunset Boulevard by NightComet  Milotic Speedpaint by NightComet

31. :devAyaci-chan:

Have a Happy Valentine by Ayachi-chan  OC: Dance of Time by Ayachi-chan  OSI: Ultimate Power-Up by Ayachi-chan

32. SugarBrytches

L Stands For... by SugarBrytches  Not A Planet My Ass by SugarBrytches   Things Not To Do At The SGCDisclaimer: I don’t own Stargate or anything affiliated with it.  SG-3 and all OC’s, unless stated otherwise, belongs to gothfeary.  Skippy’s List belongs to Skippy, I only read it.
Someone on base had gotten a hold of Skippy’s List and decided to start their own Things Not To Do list.
-Page 1-
1) Don’t die!
(I don’t care how often Daniel does it, you are not to stop breathing! -Landry)
2) Do NOT piss off the female staff during a base wide lock down.
a) OR during that “Time of the Month.
(They have no chocolate and probably some large threat to deal with. We don’t want Carter busy trying to kill some dumb Airman, when she should be saving out sorry butts! -Jack)
3) Do not hide or horde Siler’s’ Duct Tape.
(People, I need that stuff to fix the gate! -Siler)
4) Plan A never works, plan B rarely works, plan

33. PokemonMasta

Toothless Birthday Cake by PokemonMasta  Toothless Pillow Plush 2.0 by PokemonMasta  Toothless Pillow Plush by PokemonMasta

34. hitopoket

absol2 by hitopoket  Glaceon by hitopoket  pokemon by hitopoket

35. RainCloud00

Chibi (i guess) by RainCloud00  THANK YOU Huskyforme by RainCloud00  Pokemon Fusion: Dragey by RainCloud00

36. Mast3r-sword

ANGAL TENTARA PROMO by Mast3r-sword  Oni link by Mast3r-sword  Red link by Mast3r-sword

37. GamingGirl73

 Fighter by GamingGirl73  Zelda Christmas by GamingGirl73  Presents For Zelda by GamingGirl73

38. :devKazmiJade:

Moira by KazumiJade  Falling Star by KazumiJade  Theseus by KazumiJade

39. Quilofire

solid by Quilofire  raiden by Quilofire  Complication by Quilofire

40. poke557

cat eye done with oil pastel by poke557  realistic girl by poke557  mac and nikki by poke557


Kristen Dewitt
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Hi I'm xxReshiramxx I'm an artist that prefers to draw traditional art as I'm sure you can see from my gallery.

I'm always interested in talking to those that have interests smiler to mine if your into any of the fallowing feel free to send me a note and we can talk.

Cartoons and Anime I enjoyed:

Fruit Baskets

Dragon Drive

Wolfs Rain

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic


Yugioh GX

Yugioh 5D's

Pokemon Indigo League

Video Games I enjoyed:

Pokemon (All main series)

Metroid Other M

Zelda Twilight Princess

Super Paper Mario

Yugioh Falsebound Kingdom

Lufia 2

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