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Edit: 6/22/15 All errors fixed.

 Kristen stepped outside the door of her apartment complex. There was an entire forest in front of her. The buildings and rode way had disappeared. She walked towards where the baseball field had been. Walking along the pathway though the enclosed trees. Seeing the light at the end of the path appearing in a circle formation. Entering though the open space she saw a female elf.

Having Orange eyes, long red hair, and sledder features. Wearing light blue colored garbs. Speaking in what appeared to be either a Latian or other type of tough. Saying a few words and walking up to Kristen placing her had on her shoulder.

“By choosing to come to this place you have volunteered yourself.” She said after she was done with the chant like words she sung before.

Kristen looked at her in shock not knowing what was going on.

“Go to the lab north of here.” she pointed in the direction of the path Kristen had just taken. “Its a blue colored building several stories high. You'll know it when you see it.” She said with a smile on her face. “The curse I place on you will not last forever but if your chosen for the experiment your new abilities will be permanent. This forest appeared though the power of my magic. Things will return to how they once were. Now go to the instructed place good luck.” With a wave of her arm outstretched the forest was gone. Everything was back the way it had been before.

After about a thirty minute walk. Kristen came to the destination she was promised. Walking inside she came across someone writing on a peace of paper at a desk. He stood up.

“Don't worry you don't need to sign in or anything. Just come with me.” He said walking around from behind the counter. Quickening his pace to the elevator a button was pressed to summon it to them. The doors were opened and the two went inside. The inside was dark and little light was available. Only just enough to see the buttons. Why was she being called to a building like this so late at night?

Either way both the man and the inside of the elevator did not have an inviting feeling to them. It felt so similar to when her grandmother had passed away of a disease unknown by the family. She had refused to enter the ICU about a week before she had passed away for the fear of seeing someone she loved look so awful. Several large tubes connected to equipment keeping her alive similar to when her husband passed away. Kristen’s grandfather had died of lung cancer when she was eight years old. Seeing him in the ICU was the worst thing shed ever seen. Unable to speak his only remark being mouthed:

“What's she doing here?” She swore to herself she'd never walk into another emergency room like that again.

“Fallow me.” He said as they stepped out and walked down to the hall. Coming to a door they walked inside. Passing the receptionist desk. Though another door. Coming to a room with a hospital bed and two tables. On the table was a silver metallic briefcase. On the second table there was nothing on it just the word “Family” written in red lettering.

“Now in the brief case there is 10,000 dollars. The question here is will you take the money for your own needs or give it to the ones your most loyal to?” Kristen opened the briefcase. As stated the large sum of cash was inside. If she chose to walk away she could buy what she wanted for herself. A computer, TV, rare collectable trading cards but, the fact was she didn't really need these things. Shutting it she picked it up by the handle and walked it over to the table with the world “Family” on it.

“So you would give all of that money to your family. Interesting choice.” He replied with a devious smile on his face. “If he or she were to only able to enter a home with the owners permission and then could come and go at will when they please after being granted access. What kind of creature would they be?” Now he heakd a poker face not revealing the answer. Kristen looked around to see if there was any kind of clue but, the clue was inside the fact that the room itself was dimly lit.

“They would be a vampire.” Came the quick answer.

“Excellent you appear to do your research as well as looked around for clues keeping a keen eye for detail.” He said impressed. “I am that vampire my name is Tor fey. My college told me you would be coming. She told me that a girl with brown hair and an average build had volunteered herself for the experiment.” Kristen's eyes were now wide with shock so that's why the inter building was dimly lit. Judging by the fact that it was dark outside as well. Tor fey worked the night shift at this lab.

Walking over picking up the phone on the wall. “Celliel the volunteer has passed both of the tests. Showing intelligence though research. As well as showing signs of selflessness though the fact that she would give money to family over calming it for herself. Please come to the lab immediately.” His voice overjoyed.

Kristen still held the look of shock. Standing still, to afraid to move. Tor fey turned to around. “Relax I'm not going to hurt you. As I've said before my name is Tor fey. I work here as the owner of this facility. Cellinel and I have been looking for that right person. The one that shows selflessness and intelligence. We believe that someone of your qualities have given you the privilege to be turned into a superhero. Your the first person to past both of these tests. Some were selfless but showed they did little to no research. Lacking the mind portion of the quiz. Others have walked away taking the money for themselves but, were extremely wise and knowledgeable.”

“Tor fey sir? You called?”

“Yes this is the one.” Kristen turned around to see the woman she had met in the forest earlier that night.

“Hello my name is Cellinel and you are?” she said calmly.


“Pleasure to make your acquaintance.” she said shaking Kristen's hand.

“About the curse you place on me. Should I be worried?”

“No, even if you had not passed the tests. It would have worn off in due time. Since you passed. We're going to make it permanent.”  Celline gave a nod to Tor fey who headed out the door. Coming back a couple of minutes later with two types of spices. One was a large hawk in a cage. The second one was was appeared to be a mutated snapdragon flower glowing a faint green color. It was white and in a vase.

Kristen looked at the snapdragon flower bathed in alien light. “Did Celline…?”

Tor fey shook his head “No this one wasn't placed under a curse.” he walked over to the table where the money had once been and set the cage and the vase on the table.

The news on the TV station had reported a meteor crash landing in the United States. The mountain ranges to be more exact. “Just yesterday a meteor crash landed in the mountains of California. Scientist are undergoing an investigation. To see if they can salvage something to feather improve medical science.” Tor fey stood up from his chair of his living room and packed for the trip. The two weeks were worth it he came back to the lab with some mutated snapdragons. That had been near were the large rock had landed.

“That's the story of how we got the snapdragons like this. All thanks to the strange colored goo dripping from the source. With the plants drinking it up as nutrients. We got what you see here.” He responded excitedly holding up the vase. He continued. “We got the hawk from someone who donated some eggs to us. Found in an abandon nest.”

“Should we get started then?” Cellinel asked with a side smile on her lips.

“Right. Kristen could you please head over to the bed there before you?” Kristen gave a nod heading over to the bed laying down.

“By the way, what happens to be your birthstone may I ask?”

“The orange November Topaz.”

Kristen heard the door shut. Opining up again with Cellinel holding a Topaz and a yellow colored tome.  Some time later. She slowly walked over to Kristen’s bedside. “I want you to look over this way and don't look away.” she said setting the tome and gem on the bed. Holding her hand. She heard the cage door being opened.

“Screech” Kristen could here from the bird. Then heard a crunch and the birds screeching fading away.

“Did Tor fey just do what I think he did?” She closed her eyes and tighten her hand around Cellinel's. Yes he was a vampire but he seemed way to respectful to do that in front of others. Hearing what appear to be squeezing and dripping. Cellinel's hand slipped away from hers. More of that odd chanting from her. Kristen felt something slam into her chest. She bared her teeth forcing herself not to scream. Probably either something to do with the jewel or the chanting.

Kristen yelled in pain at the shock of fags going into her shoulder area. “Why? Why are you doing this to me?” she screamed in pain.

She then felt Cellinel grab her other arm. Looking down at her Cellinel replied. “Its all a part of the process of turning you into the superhero we need you to be. The speed of a hawk. Beauty of a flower. Strength of a crystal.”Kristen felt Tor fey sucking the blood out of her body. In return she could feel something being injected into her. Almost like a replacement for the blood she was losing. Though she felt dizzy and weak. Weaker with each second that passed.

“Cellinel isn'…the truth...I'm….now.” With this last thought she passed out from blood loss.

“Ready to begin the reincarnation process?” Tor fey said removing his fangs from her shoulder.

“Yes right away.” Flipping to another page in the book. Cellinel begin reading. Kristen's body slowly started to disappear. Much like that of a video game code like style.

“Good luck Kristen. We hope you will turn out to be the hero we...No...” he shook his head “That others will need.” Tor fey said allowed looking at the sealing above.

A gorgeous egg appeared from the light. With two gems on either side. Vines appearing to be painted around the egg. Growing upward. Landing on a meteorite headed towards a large planet. Having fell from the sun. When it crashed. It was in an enclosed forest area. Trees collapsed and wild creatures otherwise known as Pokemon flied the space. The egg gently rolled off the vessel that had brought it here. Continuing to roll until it came to a tree. Wiggling as the hatching ceremony started.

The new born creature crawled over to a lake. Now able to see its appearance. A beautiful light blue colored Eon type Pokemon. With tree leaves covering her face. Large wolf eyes red and orange. Two gems one a Sapphire on the head. The other an orange Topaz on the chest. Four wings one set of fairy wings. Second set was a pair of angle wings. A couple of long streaming tale bands the color of her eyes one orange. The one next to it was red. Ears were a triangular shape and the neck aqua green colored.

This was the restart of her story. The first one of her as a human. The next, would be the tale of the halve-human halve-Pokemon hero. Though her human story ended. Her Pokemon one was just beginning.

Story by me aka Kristen DeWitt

Pokemon Nintendo

Celline, Tor fey, and Kristen are all (c) of me
Pokemon OC 2: Coaxoch by xxReshiramxx
Pokemon OC 2: Coaxoch
White Rose Dragon

Name: Coaxoch (meaning: Serpent Flower) 

Type: Grass/Dragon

White Rose petals on the tail wings and back

Two White Pearls on the edge of each wing.

Red Beard

Long green whiskers

Long ears with red fur inside them

Void style yellow and aqua eyes

Small aqua green hour 
I'm looking for these in return but feel free to though in other offers as well:… Mostly I'd like it if you offered event Pokemon. 

Some more events I'm looking for event pikachu.…

1. Shiny Castform for trade by xxReshiramxx

2. Shiny for trade 2 by xxReshiramxx

3. Shiny for Trade 3 by xxReshiramxx

4. Shiny for trade 4 by xxReshiramxx

5. Shiny for trade 5 by xxReshiramxx

6. Shiny for trade 6 by xxReshiramxx

7. Shiny for trade 7 by xxReshiramxx

8. Shiny for trade 8 by xxReshiramxx

9. Shiny for trade 9 by xxReshiramxx

10. Shiny for trade 10 by xxReshiramxx

11. Shiny for trade 11 by xxReshiramxx

12. Shiny for trade 12 by xxReshiramxx

13. Shiny for trade 13 by xxReshiramxx

14. Shiny for Trade 14 by xxReshiramxx

15. Shiny for trade 15 by xxReshiramxx

16. Shiny for Trade 16 by xxReshiramxx

17. Shiny for Trade 17 by xxReshiramxx

18. Shiny For Trade 18  by xxReshiramxx
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Kristen Dewitt
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Hi I'm xxReshiramxx I'm an artist that prefers to draw traditional art as I'm sure you can see from my gallery.

I'm always interested in talking to those that have interests smiler to mine if your into any of the fallowing feel free to send me a note and we can talk.

Cartoons and Anime I enjoyed:

Fruit Baskets

Dragon Drive

Wolfs Rain

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic


Yugioh GX

Yugioh 5D's

Pokemon Indigo League

Video Games I enjoyed:

Pokemon (All main series)

Metroid Other M

Zelda Twilight Princess

Super Paper Mario

Yugioh Falsebound Kingdom

Lufia 2

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